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Newsletter January 2016


The very first Sunglasses At School Newsletter!

Our aim with this occasional newsletter is to keep you updated and informed on the progress of the Sunglasses at School Initiative!

Sunglasses at School is a Non-Profit Health & Fundraising Initiative that promotes education and awareness of the effects that UV exposure has on the eyes of children. S@S makes the best quality children’s sunglasses available to children in the school environment, in order to protect them when they need it most and to raise funds to protect the vision in South Africa’s at risk children’s future. Visit The Sunglasses at School Info page here to learn more.


Why is it so important that children protect their eyes from the sun?

We only have one set of eyes that need to last us through our entire lifetime! The damage that UV causes to the inner structures of the eyes is cumulative and irreversible – this means that the eye does not repair itself the same way your skin does.

Children’s eyes are especially vulnerable to the sun due to their larger pupils and clearer lenses. They spend almost 3x more time outdoors than adults – about 80% of a person’s lifetime exposure to UV occurs before the age of 18! This is when future problem causing damage happens.

Encouraging the habit of wearing 100% UV protective sunglasses from a young age, ensures ultimate lifelong protection.

Real Kids Shades is the official product partner of Sunglasses At School. RKS_ZA shades are designed specifically for kids and are 100% UV protective & virtually unbreakable! Discover more about these awesome shades at realkidshades.co.za






Why we do what we do

We have the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to change lives for the better if we have the capacity to do so. Every day children are born with congenital ocular disorders that can be treated and vision made possible if we get to them early enough – that is the true heart of The Sunglasses at School Initiative.

We strive to protect the vision of all children in South Africa by donating a pair of sunglasses to a child in exceptional need each time a school pair is bought. The Sunglasses at School Initiative also lends financial support to children in need of surgery from start to finish. So not only protecting healthy young eyes for the future, but also restoring sound vision where it is medically possible.

You can purchase a pair of virtually unbreakable, 100% UV protective sunglasses online at  ovoptics.co.za/shop. Tell your school principal more about The Sunglasses at School Initiative and help us to save a child’s sight!

To find out how you can get involved – sign up your school, donate to the cause, nominate a school or child in need or volunteer your services – contact us at info@sunglassesatschool.co.za or call Zulé on +27 83 295 4248


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