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Helping a special little girl – Kanya

O-V Optics is continuously forwarding our mission of protecting the future vision of children. We recently had the opportunity to help a special little girl, Kanya with her very first pair of glasses.



Kanya was brought to our attention by a teacher at her school. She is 5 years old with the albinism gene, manifesting in every way possible including ocular albinism so suffering from severe vision issues that is common for these individuals. At 5 she walks into poles, chairs, tables and classmates. She tells us her friends get mad at her because she always bumps into them and stands on their toes because she has to get so close to make out any facial expression. No chance of seeing anything on the board.. We arranged for Kanya to have a 30 minute eye test with a partner optometrist Nota from Local Eyez Optometrists who offered generously to test her eyes at no charge. Nota reported back to us that little Kanya had a significant refractive error and she could not see at near or far. She again offered to sponsor a frame for Kanya and we at O-V Optics sponsored her prescription lenses. Her lenses are photochromic, meaning that they go dark in the sun – this is very important for her as she is very light sensitive.


Zkanyaulé went to visit Kanya at her school recently and according to her teacher she is a different little girl. Confident, outgoing, excited to take part in class, not afraid to run because she can see where she is going. With such a small action we helped to change this little person’s life, and we are lucky that we got to her so soon.


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