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Eye Testing for children of Barrydale July 2016

O-V Optics is on a mission to protect the future vision of children and we had the great pleasure of being part of a weekend of eye testing for the children of Barrydale in July 2016.

Barrydale is a small town in the Western Cape and does not have it’s own Optometry practice. The Government clinic tender that provides eye testing is 40km away in the town of Swellendam, a very far distance when there is not a decent system of public transport in place. Kids in Focus (NPC), is a small charity that was founded for the exact purpose of bringing eye care to the children of their community. We at O-V Optics worked together with them, providing the services of a volunteer Optometrist and they arranged that we could use the clinic in Barrydale for testing purposes. The only room that was available was the kitchen, but soon we transformed it into an eye examination room and dove right in! The children were provided with drinks and cupcakes and the energy was really amazing!

With the financial help of Kids in Focus, the children were given prescription spectacles free of charge. The spectacles were made through Penny D Optometrist in Swellendam at a very low price to assist Kids in Focus. We are so inspired by this weekend and we are on a mission to further this amazing cause. If a child can see, then a child can learn. If a child can learn then they have the ability to do anything they set their minds to!

barrydale-clinic      barrydale           boy-eye-test


frames           girl-eye-test         kid-with-glasses

kid-eye-test                                 14354920_1111892438888659_515913237793837431_n


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